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Queer-owned clinical counseling practice for general mental health concerns related to life changes such as relationships, career, sexuality, and gender with special emphasis on those coming out later in life.
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Change is hard whether its by choice or circumstance. You may feel anxious, sad, fearful, filled with grief, overwhelmed, lost, and more. However you feel, it's valid. You're valid. Any change is challenging. And it helps to have someone hold you in a supportive space adapted to your circumstances, your strengths, and your way of doing things to find solutions that make sense to you. I am a nonbinary therapist who combines empirically supported counseling approaches with your personal values and style to help you move through those difficult and uncomfortable moments that come with life changes. I provide telehealth-based services that allow you to access counseling in the privacy and safety of your own chosen private settings from anywhere in the state of Arkansas. I am trained in the Flash Technique for reducing traumatic disturbance, mindfulness, and sex-informed therapy and utilize the Gender Freedom Model in exploring gender identity and expression.

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