About the Program

Our Support Services program is designed to provide LGBTQ adult and youth individuals, families, and friends with education, resources, and a safe and structured space to support and encourage one another in healing, wellness, and growth.

For more information about these groups, contact us at info@nwaequality.org.

LGBTQ Support Groups

Peer support is founded on the principle that people who share an experience have something to offer, which may be more than mental health professionals can provide. Through such groups, individuals gain a sense of community and affiliation, receive resources and tools for wellness, healing, and self-exploration, and have the empowering opportunity to share their experiences and support others.

A licensed mental health professional trains all peer support group facilitators, emphasizing members' safety and confidentiality. Our current support groups are listed below. New support groups in various areas of need are added as new facilitators are trained. Feel free to let us know if there is a group you would like to see offered.

If you would like to join a support group, please register here.

Veterans Support Services

The Fayetteville Veterans Center, Unit 727, provides twice-monthly peer support groups for LGBTQ Veterans. While this service is independent of NWA Equality's program operations, their group facilitators have completed NWA Equality's peer group facilitator training conducted by health professionals.