The “Conscience Protection Act” quietly passed the Senate Judiciary Committee late yesterday after the Committee previously voted no. As America watches Arkansas, we still believe in love and equality, not legal hate masked by religion. Now is the time to tell senators where you stand on HB 1228. The bill moves to the full Senate for a vote possibly as early as Thursday, March 26th.

After the vote yesterday, Sen. Linda Chesterfield said, “There is something very, very wrong when you allow religion to be the excuse for discrimination. That is exactly what we’ve allowed here to happen.” Please stand with us against this anti-LGBTQ bill.

Contact info for Northwest Arkansas senators is listed below. For other senator contact info, visit

Sen. District 1 (Cave Springs/B’ville)
Bart Hester – BILL SPONSOR

Sen. District 2 (Gravette)
Jim Hendren

Sen. District 3 (Rogers)
Cecile Bledsoe
Sen. District 4 (Fayetteville)
Uvalde Lindsey

Sen. District 5 (Green Forest)
Bryan King

Sen. District 7 (Springdale)
Jon Woods

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